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FlexiCombi® with Grease Collection System

Thinking outside the box is the key to innovative solutions. The MKN FlexiCombi® is a good example of this and is now available with a new grease collection system. This innovative system allows for 100% separation of recyclable cooking liquids and waste water. This is thanks to the fully integrated system which actively pumps the excess oil, fats and liquids out of the FlexiCombi into a separate container. As such, any waste water is near completely clean thereby eradicating issues around clogged pipes, whilst the residue cooked liquids can be safely and appropriately disposed of.

  • Magic Pilot operating system - easy, precise, intuitive with touch and slide operating concept.
  • MKN Guided Cooking with autoChef, ChefsHelp, 
 VideoAssist, Favourites and BarcodeScan
  • WaveClean - automatic cleaning
  • Easy Load crosswise insertion
  • Increased cooking capacity with FlexiRack- the smart cooking chamber concept utilises the whole 
cooking chamber optimally.
ModelDimensions LxWxHWeightPowerTray Capacity
Flexicombi Magic Pilot 6.1997 x 799 x 790mm140kg10.4kW6 x GN 1/1 or 6 x Flexirack (530 x 570 x 65mm)
Flexicombi Magic Pilot 10.1997 x 700 x 1060mm165kg15.9kW10 x GN 1/1 or 10 x Flexirack (530 x 570 x 65mm)