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Forget everything you have learnt so far about combi steamers and think outside the box like MKN does. This is how we have created innovative combi steamers which facilitate new and intelligent cooking processes.

Guided Cooking

Operating system as simple as your smartphone. Intuitive and easy to use.

Countless helpful functions built in the MagicPilot system distinguish the new MKN Guided Cooking concept. Thanks to this device even the most inexperienced user can achieve culinary masterpieces.


Cleaning your combi steamer couldn’t be simpler with MKN’s automatic cleaning system

Cleaning your combi steamer couldn’t be simpler. MKN’s automatic cleaning system, WaveClean, cleans thoroughly inside the appliance including hard to reach areas. This extends the life of your combi steamer and maintains its value. All you need to do is insert the cartridge and start the programme. No need to clean the triple glazed door manually, It’s simply time to go home.

Connected Kitchen

The MKN cloud solution creates new channels of communication in professional kitchens.

MKN Connected Kitchen® offers you a wide range of functions to digitise your daily kitchen routine and standardise processes. For example, data is automatically collected for the HACCP documentation and clearly compiled. You can record your operating costs such as electricity and water consumption and manage your device utilisation. And MKN Connected Kitchen® can do even more to make everyday life in the kitchen easier.