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MKN FlexiCombi® Team

The team player for professional kitchens.

The MKN FlexiCombi® Team combines two parallel operating cooking modes in one combi steamer. The cooking processes in the upper and lower chambers are completely independent of one another.

  • Magic Pilot - an operating concept as easy to use as your smartphone.
  • Waveclean - automatic cleaning system.
  • FlexiRack capacity concept.
  • MKN Guided Cooking with autoChef, ChefsHelp, VideoAssist, Favourites and BarcodeScan.
  • AutoChef – automatic cooking includes more than 250 preselected international cooking processes which can be individually modified.
  • ChefsHelp & VideoAssist – interactive user assistance with clips featuring professional chefs.
ModelDimensionsPowerWeightTray Capacity
FlexiCombi Team Magic Pilot 6.1-6.1 997x799x17002 x 10.4 kW282kg2 x6 GN 1/1 or 2 x 6 FlexiRack